Philip LePage(non-registered)
I've been looking at MADONNA AND CHILD in my office for years. Purchased in Little Rock many years ago. Visitors are totally enamored with that photo. Sepia aspect adds a lot of impact. You are an incredible photographer!
I always wanted to know the history of the picture behind the OMD's "It'll Shine When It Shines." It led me to your website, and I got lost in your portraits. Thanks for your powerful work.
Sherry Sullins Riley(non-registered)
Your photos bring me home,and make me smile! Congratulations on a great life of sharing beauty! :)
Laura Crawford(non-registered)
Jim your photographs capture the simple beauty in nature. I especially enjoyed the heron photos. Between Friends Gift Shops is fortunate to have a selection of your work for sale. I purchased your photo of "Catchin' Craws". It reminded me of many a day after school walking to the creek below Valley Watermill Lake to catch 'crawdads'. I caught several bass and crappie with this bait. I still have the metal pail like the one in your photo. Thanks! Laura
Great site and photos. I always wanted to know where the "Men from Earth" picture came from, as I'm a huge fan of OMD and a transplanted Missourian.
Rosalind Cole(non-registered)
Heavenly pictures Jim. I am totally impressed! I didn't know you were the one who took the pictures for the Dare's Album covers! Such a great eye for beauty. Thanks for showing me and now I can share with some of my friends in NC. You have accomplished a wonderful archive. Keep up the good work, the world needs more beautiful images! Love, Roz
Judith Lincoln(non-registered)
Jim your work is just stunning! Back in 1977 I lived in Springfield and you took some beautiful pictures of my newborn daughter, Summer, myself and my husband at the time. The pictures are timeless and just yesterday my daughter showed me some I had not seen in 35 years. You have grown as an artist, but still have that warm feeling that accompanies all of your work. So happy to be back in touch after all these years and grateful that you and your business have continued to grow. Thank You for blessing us all with your beautiful work.
Bob Linder(non-registered)
It looks great! I know it's alot of work but well worth having a great place for folks to look around in.
Mike Wingo(non-registered)
Great body of work Jim. I love the way you view the world.
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