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After doing photography for over forty five years, it is still about being in the right place at the right time. Whether you're photographing people in their native surroundings, or the landscape in it's exquisiteness, it is still important to be there in that moment when the light is right and everything falls into place for that one instant that you are privileged to experience and perhaps share with others.

When my first photography teacher exhibited a simple black and white print of gravel on the ground cross-lit by the late afternoon sun I was taken with the quality of light. I soon decided on a trek to California to learn more from the "Professionals" at Art Center. I was drawn to the camera as an artistic tool. In those days, every assignment had to be photographed using a 4x5 view camera which causes one to develop an appreciation for quality.

Things have changed dramatically since then, but for me it's still about that "quality of light." falling on your subject at the "decisive moment" in time that makes a great photograph. Since I began doing photography I have been enamored with photographing people in natural light.

Some people know me because of my photographs used on the Ozark Mountain Daredevils albums in the 70's. But I have a basement full of negatives I shot a few years before that as well as thousands that came after. And I still get excited when I encounter that moment bathed in light.

Many of the images on this sight are of the people and places that are the "Ozarks." It's a pretty nice place to be from. I like to travel to exotic locations when I get the chance, so there are some of those pictures too.